Buy books, give back to the community

By Amy Blanton | Jul 09, 2013
Photo by: Amy Blanton

Book lovers will need to mark their calendars for July 25 through July 27.

That's when the Friends of the Library will have their annual book sale on the lower level of the Waynesville library.

“Since we do not have a Friends of the Library Bookstore, we have a sale once a year,” said Sandy Denman, leader of the book sale. “We have been accepting donations since last July and we have about 40-50,000 donated items already."

The donations include items such as books, puzzles, CDs, DVDs, VHSs, cookbooks, gardening books, encyclopedias, craft books and even eight track tapes.

“We have a good regional section this year,” Denman said. “About $30,000 is raised through the book sale and it all goes back to the library, every bit of it.”

“We pick up where the county budget falls short,” Denman said. “We pay for things such as the children’s summer reading program.”

She said the items range from 50-cent paperback books to higher priced hardcover books. A book sale of this size would not be possible without the help of its volunteers.

“About 15 volunteers work three to four hours every Tuesday,” Denman said. “We take the month of August off and start preparing for next year’s book sale after Labor Day.”

There is a volunteer for about every task. They sort out the books that are brought in, look into the pricing of certain specialty books, price other books, put books on the shelves to be sold, box up books that there isn’t room for and move them to another room to be stored until the sale.

Denman said that the book sale brings in a large crowd. “Last year there were 183 people in line when the sale started,” she said. “The earliest person usually gets there between 5 to 5:30 a.m. and the sale does not even start until 9 a.m.”

Friends of the Library will be accepting donations for the book sale until July 15.

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