CallnRaines called to Nashville

By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Jul 03, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Adam Raines, left, and Ronnie Call of Haywood County are heading to Nashville to record an original country song for Sims Records.

Two Haywood natives are one step closer to making their country music dreams come true after signing a record deal with Sims Records.

“I’ve wanted to be the best country singer in the world since I was 5 years old,” said Adam Raines, guitar and songwriter for the duo.

Ronnie Call of Waynesville, singer and songwriter, said it’s been a long time coming. He’s been working on becoming a professional country artist for 10 years while keeping his day job in the roofing business here in Haywood.

Raines, of Canton, has been writing songs for several years, but the two musicians didn’t meet until a year ago.

“I was playing at the armory and Adam was listening and came up to me afterward and we started talking about music,” Call said. “He told me he played guitar and was writing some songs. I said we should get together — we started playing in my brother’s garage and here we are.”

A friend told them about a music competition hosted by The Dawg Patch in Maryville, Tennessee. The winner of the 10-week competition would win a recording contract with independent label Sims Records and a national release to more than 1,000 country music radio stations.

“A friend told us that label was looking for something new and said, ‘I think you guys have it,’” Call said.

But CallnRaines didn’t make it through the first round of competition. Call chalked it up to a bad song choice and they returned to the competition during the second week to try their luck again.

“The second week we went back with an original song I wrote, and we just blew the crowd away,” Call said. “From that night on we knew we had the deal and owners of establishment and everyone in the audience was behind us.”

They made it to the semi finals but kept returning every week to hear the other talent and meet new fans. Professional musicians from Nashville judged the competition, including an executive from the Sims label. In the end they walked away with the grand prize.

Raines and Call are excited to be working with a label that has been the starting point for many musicians’ careers, including LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson and many others who have played on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

Raines said it was a big risk getting up in front of all those people and performing their own music, but the hard work paid off.

“It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to know after all that work we made it,” Call said.

The duo met with Sims Records owner Russell Sims after the competition to talk about what was next. Call and Raines will work in a studio in nearby this week to record their single “Barstools.”

Then they will head to Nashville in July to record and release “Today,” a song Call wrote. The single will be released to country radio stations.

“We met with Russell Sims and he is really straightforward and seems to be an honest man,” Call said. “We’re hoping what this will do is get other record companies to notice us and if that happens we’re on our way.”

They both name George Strait as one of their all-time favorite country artists and describe their music as a smoother country than what you hear on the radio, with “soulful sound and southern charm.”

They write from their life experiences or experiences of others they know.

“The best songs always come out when you go through it,” Raines said.

While their days ahead are going to be long and they will miss their families while they’re away, they are excited about their future in the industry.

“It’s a good thing — we enjoy what we’re doing or we wouldn’t be doing it,” Raines said.

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