Candidates for NC House of Representatives District 119

Apr 25, 2014
Aaron Littlefield

Three Republican candidates are vying for the District 119 House of Representatives seat in the primary.

Aaron Littlefield of Cullowhee, a 22-year-old student at Western Carolina, is running against Mike Clampitt of Bryson City and Dodie Allen of Sylva. Whoever wins the primary will go up against Rep. Joe Sam Queen of Waynesville in the general election.


Name: Mike Clampitt, Republican

Age: 59

Office sought: 119th NC House of Representatives

Occupation: Fire Captain, retired Charlotte Fire Dept.

Education: Two-year A.A.S. degree in fire science-Rowan Community College

Have you ever run for a public office before? Ran for Swain County Commission in 2006 and 2010. Ran for 119th House seat in 2012. I have spent my entire adult life in public service, and have the skills to deal with public policy using common sense. In my career I had to make difficult decisions and think on my feet, and that gives me balance when making decisions.

Please list any experience you feel is pertinent to this position. An experience that helps me in seeking this position is; that I DID spend the last long session in the General Assembly and already have a connection to the representatives, and informed to where we are at in the governmental policy’s.

Please explain why you are seeing office and why you are the best person for the job.

As stated I have had a long career in public service, and I am a good listener. I want to be the ears of the citizens of my district and their voice in government. It is more than a job for me, it is a commitment.

Please share your top three goals about the elected position you are seeking and how would like to address them.

My three goals: a). Maintain our citizen’s property and personal rights. There appears to be an assault by the liberal’s agenda to believe that re-distribution of wealth is what is “fair”, more taxes with more spending. The federal government is continually land grabbing from individual their family’s lands without due process. b). Maintain our State’s rights without undue federal influence. The federal outreach is out of control, from the unrealistic expectations of the Environmental Protection Agency to the over taxation by the Internal Revenue Service. c). Listen to the needs of the citizens and be their advocate in the State House. Some in our government have forgotten that our state does not end at Statesville. I want to remind the other legislators that my citizens have needs and representation also.


Name: Aaron Littlefield

Age: 22

Office Sought: North Carolina House District 119

Occupation: Worship Leader at Big Cove P.H. Church in Cherokee, server at Bear Lake and full-time student at Western Carolina University until May 10, 2014.

Education: Collaborative College for Technology and Leadership Early College High School (2011) Western Carolina University (2014)

Have you ever run for a public office before? No, this is the first year that I am eligible to run. At present, I am the youngest candidate in the state, and to my knowledge, the second youngest in the nation, after a 20 year old in Washington State.

List any experience you feel is pertinent to this position: I have served in the ministry for almost seven years, and have served the public for nearly three years in the service industry. Finding solutions to problems in a timely manner is what I do.

Explain why you are seeking office and why you are the best person for the job. I am seeking this office because this district needs a candidate that can identify problems and work to find a solution. More importantly, I am fighting to fix problems now, not just start a plan to fix problems over time. Unlike the other candidates, the future of this state is mine to lose. It is my wife, myself, and others our age who must pay the price of choices made.

Share your top three goals about the elected position you are seeking and how you would like to address them.

Goal 1: Keep education local. The General Assembly gets Common Core out of our state. Local school boards know better than Washington bureaucrats how to teach our students. I would work to raise our standards to be nationally competitive. I would also work to ensure teacher pay is nationally competitive.

Goal 2: Reform a wasteful D.O.T. Our taxpayers cannot afford the blank checks written out for unfinished projects, such as the r-5000 project in Jackson County. A common sense solution would be a fixed deadline in all project bids, with rewards given for quality work done early, and penalties for when work is needlessly delayed.

Goal 3: Diversify our workforce. For over a generation, students in this state were pushed away from well-paid careers in technical fields. With over 500,000 retiring professionals in this state, we should encourage skilled students to seek skilled labor, not force them towards University debt and an uncertain job market.


Candidate Dodie Allen did not return a completed candidate questionnaire.