Canton has a new queen

Molly Mann crowned Miss Labor Day 2014
By Brittney Champion, Intern | Aug 19, 2014
Photo by: Brittney Champion (Left to Right) Sidney Farley, Ashley Nelson, Sarah Wood, Ashley Penland, Ezra Wyatt, Taylor Rogers, Molly Mann, Callie Kuykendall, Christian Wyatt, Sierra Southerland, Shelby Tomassi, Jasmine Dies, Natasha Bleyl, and Savannah Blaylock

The Miss Labor Day 2014 pageant opened to a packed house Saturday as 14 girls took the stage with elegance and poise, starting their senior year off with a bang.

Molly Mann won the crown, but to the crowd everyone was a winner.

These girls will be featured in Canton's Labor Day Parade, where Mann asked, "Can I ride in a tractor instead of a car?"

True to her roots, Mann was born and raised in Canton on Mann Family Farms, and is a queen the town can be proud of.

Along with Mann was first runner-up Taylor Rogers, second runner-up Christian Wyatt, third runner-up Ezra Wyatt and fourth runner-up Callie Kuykendall. Other contestants included Savannah Blaylock, Natasha Bleyl, Jasmine Dies, Sidney Farley, Ashley Nelson, Ashley Penland, Sierra Southerland, Shelby Tomassi and Sarah Wood.

The top three in the pageant were presented with scholarships of $2,500, $1,000 and $500, respectively.

Pageant coordinator Sally Ann Simmons explained that this money was raised by sponsors and committee members.

The evening features guest performances by Ellen Degeneres (Ashley Nelson), Olivia Newton John (Savannah Blaylock), and even an appearance from Harriet Tubman (Ashley Penland) as the contestants acted out scenes depicting a well-known personality.

A creative wear component of the pageant provided insight into the contestants' personality, while the interview question showed their ability to think quickly on their feet.

By the end of the night, all 14 contestants were enthusiastically cheered for, providing an evening of top-notch entertainment and demonstrating the wide variety of talent and gumption found in Canton's youth.

Mann and her court will be an integral part of Canton's Labor Day activities this year as the town again celebrates one of the longest-running Labor Day festivities in the South.