Canton leaders take their oaths

By DeeAnna Haney | Dec 03, 2013

The newly elected board of alderman and second-term Mayor Mike Ray made their promises to make a commitment to better the town of Canton during an induction ceremony Saturday, Nov. 30.

District Court Judge Donna Forga was on hand to administer the oaths of office for each of the town leaders including Carole Edwards, mayor pro-tem, Zeb Smathers, Gail Mull, Ralph Hamlett and Mayor Mike Ray.

Each of them took a moment to give thanks to the town and remind the people of their promises to the community.

Mike Ray looked back on the many happy memories of growing up in Canton from playing basketball in the very armory where he took his oath to raising his children in the town he loves.

"Today we begin our journey forward and I am excited for what our future holds," he said.

Carole Edwards, who took the most votes in November's election, said she hopes to restore Canton to the bustling town it once was.

"I am so excited about this town and what we have in store for its future. I am so honored that you have given me this opportunity. In my heart I know that we can do good things," she said.

Zeb Smathers reminded the crowd that he intends to act on his campaign slogan, "We Believe in Canton." He urged everyone to believe that Canton has a future and that the town can attract new business.

"I want to make this clear — Canton is open for business and we want you to come see what makes us proud," he said.

Pointing to his fellow board members, he closed by saying," We're here because we believe in Canton."

Showing her humorous approach to a serious role, Gail Mull said, "I will not lie to you. I am no politician but I promise to do the very best I can...If I raise taxes, Doug will divorce me, so that's not an option."

In closing, Ralph Mull thanked all the people in his life that helped him make it to where he is today, including his wife Susan and all of the town of Canton.

"I'm a better person because of them. I'm so lucky to be a part of this, our town, our community, Canton," he said.

The board's first meeting will take place on the second floor of the Canton Town Hall at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10.



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