Canton, Maggie residents can chart a new town course Tuesday

Nov 01, 2013

Tomorrow, those within the city limits of Canton, Clyde and Maggie Valley will have a chance to go to the polls and weigh in on the future of their towns. This is a very important election in both Canton and Maggie Valley that has been vigorously contested by most candidates.

In Canton, all four current aldermen bowed out of the race and six fresh new faces are running for the four open seats. Phil Smathers, Roy Taylor, Zeb Smathers, Carole Edwards, Gail Mull and Ralph Hamlett are all seeking a place on the board. Mike Ray is once again running for mayor unopposed.

Voters in Canton will also be in charge of deciding whether the aldermen will serve staggered terms or continue serving two-year terms as they have for several years. The question will be in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ form on the ballot. If the referendum passes, the mayor and top two vote getters will serve four year terms and the two lower vote getters will serve a two year term.

Having an entirely new board of aldermen is sure to change the dynamics of the leadership in Canton, and it’s crucial that those registered to vote go out and choose wisely, especially if voting in favor of staggered terms.

In Maggie Valley, controversy and turmoil has swirled around the current board of aldermen for the past two years. Seven candidates are now running for three open seats on the board. Running for the two four-year terms on the board include incumbents Saralyn Price and Mike Matthews and newcomers Billy Case, Mike Eveland and Steve Hurley.

Maggie voters will also finally have a chance to choose a fourth alderman, a task the current board failed to address, leaving them with a stalemate over many issues. Janet Banks and Charlie Meadows are running to fill the two-year unexpired term left vacant a year ago by Phil Aldridge. Joe Maniscalco dropped out of the race.

In Clyde, incumbent aldermen Carroll Mease and Jim Trantham are running again uncontested.

We hope that everyone has closely read the candidate profiles that ran over the past two weeks in The Mountaineer, as we worked hard to give all voters a chance to get to know the platforms and goals of each candidate in Canton and Maggie Valley.

If exercising your right to vote has ever been important, this is the time. This is an election where your vote truly could make all the difference in the direction that your town will go.