Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie review

By Max Maier | Apr 08, 2014

Every comic fan knows of Captain America, and thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an even broader audience knows about him. He is the symbol of America and a selfless hero who stands up for what is right and for the American way. But what happens when the foundation he stands for, crumbles? What would he do? What side does he take? Top it off with a ghost from his past to kick his aft end, and Cap is in for a big challenge. Fortunately for us, it is one heck of a ride.


Some spoilers ahead, but the big twists won't be here.


We open with Cap(Chris Evans) meeting Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), a former rescue soldier who served 2 tours and is back in the states living a new life. The 2 form a nice friendship, but Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) shows up with a mission. Cap and Widow lead a SHIELD strike team to stop a group of modern French pirates led by Batroc. Cap is successful, but finds Widow had a separate secret mission for Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson). Cap is displeased with the secrecy and confronts Fury. Fury tells Cap he has secrets that need keeping, and there is a lot more he does not know about. However, Nick shows Cap what they are currently working on, Project Insight which will launch 3 new Helicarriers, each loaded with enough firepower to level countries. Cap says it is a bit much, and tries to uncode what info Widow found, but finds he doesn't have the clearance, and keeps digging with Widow.

Meanwhile, Fury goes to SHIELD Secretary Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) to try and delay the launch of Insight due to complications, but Price said the SHIELD High-Council(technically) won't allow it. After Cap, Widow and Fury start digging on this information, everything starts to crumble. SHIELD agents attempt to kill Nick Fury, where they are assisted by a famous Russian assassin named The Winter Soldier. Widow says Winter has been rumored to have been in action for over 50 years and is the top assassin in the business. Now that SHIELD is apparently trying to take down our heroes, with the help of The Winter Soldier, how will Captain America save the day? What will be left to save?

And honestly, that's all I can about the plot. It takes so many twists and turns, it would be robbery to tell you what happens. It is such a well put together and paced story, it felt more like a political action thriller movie than a superhero flick. And there is nothing wrong with that. Captain America isn't Thor or Iron Man, he can't do all they can do, but what he does is heroic all on his own, and I feel that this is the perfect way to display his skill set. This may be the most solid story Marvel has ever put together. It flows perfectly without ever pointlessly slowing down. If there is a slow scene of conversation for plot progression or character moments, it is needed and perfect. I wish they spent a bit more time with Cap reflecting on these situations, but they give us enough. The path to the big climax, you probably won't guess unless you REALLY dg up information online before you see it.

One of this movie's biggest strengths are its plot twists. There are so many that just keep coming. One big one, anybody who read the book this movie is based on, will know going into the movie. The biggest twist of the movie, honestly left my jaw on the floor. Marvel has taken a big step in shaking up its cinematic universe, and the events of this story will change everything. Even the other heroes will be affected by this in the upcoming films. Maybe not Guardians of the Galaxy, but that doesn't count. This story is more well put together and exciting than even The Avengers, yes, I said it. Granted, The Avengers had a lot more to do and explain, but Cap 2 is intense and can be described as a non-stop thrill ride.

Chris Evans once again gives a fantastic performance as Cap. He nails the seriousness of the character, yet perfectly portrays the struggle Cap goes through with these challenges. I have hated Black Widow, as a character ever since I've known her. I've just never really liked the character or what she does, I felt she didn't belong amongst these super heroes. This movie helped ease that. Johansson always gave a good performance as the character, but gives it her best in this flick. Jackson was also great as Fury, but we get a lot more of him here, and we really get to see what a powerhouse actor Jackson really is. Speaking of which, the same can be said for Redford as Pierce. He is a brand new character, and Redford does a great job at playing such  unique character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sam Wilson is also a great new character, and sidekick for Cap as The Falcon. The Falcon's look in the comic books was always a little cheesy and just felt kind of, there. Where as this new look and style for The Falcon is incredible, and I hope he is standing side by side with The Avengers next year.

Then, there is The Winter Soldier. Holy. Crap. This villain is so intimidating and so hardcore, it will leave an impression on you. I can't think of villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite like him. He doesn't monologue, he doesn't scheme or waste time. He has his mission, he will stop at nothing to get it done, and without hardly saying a word. And his style is just too cool. I cannot wait to see him again.

Plus, the action scenes in Cap 2 are incredible. They are pulse pounding, bone crunchingly awesome scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat. Cap vs Batroc was a great fight to see, and the fact that they didn't have to call him Batroc the Leaper like in the book, is a plus. An the whole final climax is just an awesome spectacle to behold for action movies.


Overall, I adore this movie. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is not only one of the best superhero movies to ever come out, but it's one of the best action movie to ever come out. With great acting, a fantastic story and thrilling action, this movie is the complete package. The events of this movie will change everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built so far, and The Avengers 2 can not get here soon enough. Until then, I look forward to watching this movie several more times.


I give Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 5 hails out of 5




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