Career Day at Canton Middle School

By Vicki Hyatt | Mar 11, 2017
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt Eric Morrison, DDS, demonstrates proper brushing techniques with help from Sarah Parrott.

Waynesville — CANTON — Career Day at Canton Middle School brought 30 professionals in the community to the school where they shared information about possible career paths students could consider.

Each student was able to select three sessions to attend and the choices were vast. From agriculture to wildlife; pro football to chef; arts and music to teaching and mechanics, the list included many possible areas students could learn about.

Each presenter had half an hour to share their story, and many brought props. Potter Brad Dodson demonstrated how to make a mask. Chelesa Cumming brought her equipment from cosmetology school; Joe Bolado brought mouth-watering slides of his culinary masterpieces and Wendell Godfrey brought “the smell of money” in a bottle as he allowed students to get a whiff of sulfur that can occasionally be detected near the Evergreen Packing mill in Canton.

In all, students seemed pleased with what they learned.

Seventh-grader Madi Brown, who is considering a teaching career especially liked the high-energy presentation from teachers Cecilia Ruth Marcus and Amanda Watson. She was especially impressed at how much they really, really liked their students.

Eighth grader Chayse Hall loved Bolado’s talk about preparing food from many cultures, while Gabby Farmer, also an eighth grader, especially enjoyed the mechanics program and learning about the hands-on experience that awaits her as a high-school student at Pisgah.

Natalie Ramsey, a sixth grader, spoke of the presentation by nurse Melanie Clark, who works with children diagnosed with cancer.

“She taught us about all kinds of cancers and let us see things with an IV,” Ramsey said.

Ellery Byrd, loved the presentation by general surgeon Dr. Allison Johnson, who stressed the importance of being extra prepared before surgery because people’s lives were at stake.

Sixth grader Vivian Vu said she liked all the presentations, especially the pottery and music ones.