Careful! The Heat is On! Puppies and Kittens on the Way.

By Haywood Spay/Neuter | Feb 22, 2017

It’s no joke! Abnormally warm weather is leading female cats and dogs astray!  Unaltered (not spayed) females are coming into heat in the winter. 8 out of 15 female cats – and 9 out of 21 female dogs sent to Humane Alliance for spay surgery on the February 15th transport, returned with Vet reporting that they were in heat.  The prior transport not only had several animals in heat but some were pregnant!

36 female pets were spayed on Feb 15th.  When they returned, the vet reports showed that 17 of them had been in heat prior to surgery (42%).

“I wish pet owners would not procrastinate,” said Connie Hewitt, president. “Cats can get pregnant at only 4 months old and have four to six kittens shortly after that,” she continued. “Even while nursing a litter, they can become pregnant again. Dogs do not go into heat as early as kittens, but when they do it is messier and if they become pregnant dogs tend to have larger litters.  Just as with humans, giving birth can become complicated. Unexpected complications can result in the owner losing their beloved pet and  the litter.  One pet owner recently lost her female dog when the 14th puppy became stuck in the birth canal. She rushed to the vet but it was too late to save mom and her pup.  The owner then had 13 puppies to bottle feed and a hefty vet bill!  Please have your pet spayed or neutered and prevent unwanted litters ending up in the shelter,” she pleaded.

Kittens and Puppies do not do well in the shelter. Foster care takers help. But . . .

Pets from unwanted litters are often taken in by caring people, but many do not get that lucky. Haywood County Shelter took in 340 kittens and 264 puppies in 2017.  The current shelter is not a very safe place for kittens and puppies because diseases are easily spread. Their immature immune systems cannot handle infectious diseases and they become sick.  If not fostered to help them get healthy again, they may end up being euthanized.

Haywood Spay/Neuter provides low cost spay/neuter services.  Our pricing is affordable for all pet owners in Haywood County. Register your pet(s) in advance at our office – 182 Richland St. in Waynesville.  We’re open 11-5 Tuesday – Friday.  Surgeries are done by the vets at Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic every other Wednesday.  The dogs and cats are transported in a heated/air conditioned Humane Alliance van and returned the following day.  All pets receive a well check to make sure they can undergo surgery.  If there is any doubt, they call the owner and do not proceed with surgery.  Upon return, owners are provided with post-surgical care instructions and given a phone number to call 24/ if they have a problem or concerns. To find out more about this service contact Haywood Spay/Neuter at 452-1329 or check out