Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Mountaineer Complete Care | Jun 20, 2014
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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What is carpal tunnel syndrome?


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a hand and arm related condition causing insensitivity, tingling sensations, and other symptoms within the hand and arm. The main cause of CTS is the result of a pinched nerve in the wrist.


Multiple factors can play a role in CTS, one being certain patterns of hand use, health problems, and the anatomy of the wrist.


The carpal tunnel is held together by bones and ligaments with a slim passageway located on the palm side of the wrist. Thus, allowing the main nerve and tendons to the hand to be protected.


However, when the nerve becomes compressed, numbness, tingling, and weakness of the hand occur, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. As people develop CTS, the correct Doctor prescribed treatment plan can usually relieve some of the tingling and numbness. In some instances, surgery is needed to relieve the agonizing pain.


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