Celebrating success

By Rachel Robles | May 30, 2014
Photo by: Heather Mina Isaac Willis in Ms. Mehaffey's first-grade class is having a blast on the water slide.School will be dismissed across the county on June 13. See more end-of-year events and photos on Page 2.

As students wrap up a long year of learning, many classes and schools have end-of-class celebrations.

At Junaluska Elementary School, a “Water Day” provided plenty of opportunities to blow off steam. This event is a modern, fun version of the traditional field day to celebrate the end of the school year.

"The biggest hit were the water slides, of course," said Sharon Cagle, the school's physical education teacher who organized the event. "The Junaluska Fire Department brought their ladder truck and gave the older students a good soaking on a slide out in the front of the school while the younger pupils enjoyed an inflatable slide in the rear of the campus.

The event involves not only students, but parent who volunteer to help run the stations alongside the teachers.  Other volunteers helped by contacting the workers and gathering equipment.

"Of course, the clean-up crew was priceless, too," Cagle said. "If you ask any former Junaluska student, he/she will always say one of their best memories is of water day and the water slide. Students work so hard in school, they also need to play.  They need to relax and relieve some stress.  Yay for fun!"

Kiffin Queen, Junaluska's lead teacher, had only good things to say about the event.

"Water day is always a success because we can count on students to follow safety rules and listen to the directions of their teachers.  Most importantly, each student has a great time celebrating the end of an outstanding school year," she said.

The school thanked Junaluska Fire Department for its willingness to help every year.

"It shows real community support of our children and schools," Cagle said.