Central Elementary in the running for $25K

By Shelby Harrell Staff Writer | Nov 12, 2013

As part of the U.S. Cellular Calling All Communities campaign, Central Elementary School is currently in the running for a portion of $500,000 that will be split between the top 20 schools that receive the most votes on the U.S. Cellular website.

As of Tuesday, Central Elementary was ranked 44 out of more than 3,000 schools that have been voted for. The purpose of the campaign is to rally support for schools and bring the communities together in attempt to win $25,000.

“We’ve always been involved in the community, and we took a look where we wanted to give to,” said Clint Mosley, a U.S. Cellular sales manager in Asheville. “We really felt that education was one of the areas we really wanted to focus on. North Carolina schools have won over $750,000 as part of this program.”

Mosely said the smaller, close-knit communities such as Haywood County usually were at an advantage.

“It includes any school in coverage area in US cellular,” Mosely said. “The small schools are the ones really connected with the sense of community. They seem to phase much better than larger schools. Smaller schools have the ability to rally the troops.”

With Central Elementary currently ranked in the top 50, there is still plenty of time to vote and boost the school into the top 20, Mosely said.

Online voting will remain open until Nov. 25. Each person is allowed one vote, but has to register his or her information on the website before voting for a school.

“When they put in their information, they don’t get bothered by anything. It’s just to make sure people aren’t voting multiple times,” Mosely said.

The $25,000 in funds will be given to the top 20 schools will be flexible and unrestricted.

“The schools have money to do whatever want to do with it” Mosely said, adding that he’s seen schools purchase tablets, scholarships and repair gym damage. “There are no strings attached. We give them the money and let them do what they choose.”

To cast a vote, visit www.uscellular.com and click on the “Calling All Communities” link. From there, individuals will be able to search to top 100 schools and find Central Elementary at number 44.

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