Central Elementary School celebrates reading success

Apr 22, 2014
Mrs. Noland and Mrs. Spurrier, along with their classes, receive reading awards.

Central Elementary School in Waynesville recently celebrated the success of student reading goals at the culmination of its Reading Olympics with a closing ceremony for Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Students received Reading Awards, Spirit Awards, and Dr. Seuss Dress-Up Awards.  The Waynesville Middle School cheerleaders cheered on their peers and Mrs. Nickol, a Title 1 teacher, read a special Dr. Seuss book to the entire school. Special guest Grady Wiley played the drums and guided students to create their own rhythms and praised them for doing such an amazing job. Principal Wendy Rogers used the occasion to challenge students to let this be the beginning of their reading endeavors and to keep up their reading momentum.

The 2014 CES Battle of the Books Team was recognized as Reader Leaders at the school. Team members include Emily Chenh, Andrew Delbene,  Karaline Griffin, Lily Howell, Kat Moore, Levi Smith, Jennifer Tolama and Sage Weaver. Each team member received a medal and a Battle of the Books T-shirt.

Best Dr. Seuss characters, selected in their classrooms, were Kaleb and Christopher Neal (Swanger), Gabriel Dial (Pace), Mackenzie Henderson (Rhinehart), Zackary Hess (Patterson), Sailym Bailey (Spurrier), Phoenix Fletcher (Noland), Malaysia Boyer (Ashe), Madi Hord (Fox), Sarah Super (Fryar), Kaley Patterson (Pitts), Ashley Diaz (Pressel), Gavin Henderson (Chell), Chandler Ashe (Easterling), Michelle Boyer (Ryan), Brian Tweed (Clontz), and Ashley Stinnette (Bailey).

Each grade-level classroom at the school constituted a “village” and competed with others in their grade and division for the most number of minutes read collectively.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to classes.  In addition, the student in each class with the most minutes read and best Olympic spirit during the competition were recognized with medals.  Teachers and classes stepped onto the medal platforms to receive their awards and were encouraged by a round of applause.

The pre-K/Kindergarten winners were Rhinehart’s Village, gold medal; Pace’s Village, silver medal; and Swanger’s Village and Patterson’s Village, bronze medals. Most minutes winners were Nicholas Spencer (Swanter), Caleb Coffman (Patterson), Levi Branch (Pace), and Aidan Keener (Rhinehart).  Olympic spirit awards went to Katie Castater (Swanger), Bryanna Frazier (Patterson), Eva Shapiro (Pace), and Brookelyn Schneider (Rhinehart).

The first-grade winners were Noland’s Village, gold medal; and Spurrier’s Village, silver medal. Most minutes winners were Alyssa Yarborough (Spurrier) and Ava Quigley (Noland). Olympic spirit awards went to Hunter Jones (Spurrier) and David Crawford (Noland).

The second-grade winners were Fryar’s Village, gold medal; Ashe’s Village, silver medal; and Fox’s Village, bronze medal.  Most minutes winners were Hudson Blackburn (Fox), River Mack (Ashe), and Madison Brady (Fryar).  Olympic spirit awards went to Skylar Aldridge (Fox), Diego Martinez (Ashe), and Aiyana Bryant (Fryar).

The third-grade winners were Pitts’ Village, gold medal; Pressel’s Village, silver medal; Chell’s Village, bronze medal. Most minutes winners were Gavin Henderson (Chell), Everett Mahan (Pressel), and Grace Nickol (Pitts). Olympic spirit awards went to Jett Benson (Chell), Kevin Kyle (Pressel), and Jenna Laesser (Pitts).

The fourth-grade winners were Ryan’s Village, gold medal; and Easterling’s Village, silver medal.  Most minutes winners were Andrew Delbene (Easterling) and Carson Suriano (Ryan).  Olympic spirit awards went to Shelby Conner (Easterling) and Elmer Pantaleon (Ryan).

The fifth-grade winners were Clontz’s Village, gold medal; and Bailey’s Village, silver medal. Most minutes winners were Mitchell Ensley (Bailey) and Arianna Maldonado (Clontz). Olympic spirit awards went to Destiny Douville (Bailey) and Maria Luna (Clontz).

The school was also divided into three divisions for a special trip to the “Olympic Café” in the media center.  The Pre-K/K/first-grade winner was Noland’s Village; the second- and third-grade winner was Pitts’ Village; the fourth- and fifth-grade winner was Clontz’s Village.  These classes will get to hear a special book read while they enjoy treats in the “Olympic Café” very soon.

The CES faculty is very proud of its students.  Over the month-long initiative, students read a total of 80,379 minutes.