Central Haywood evacuated for gas line break

May 13, 2014
Photo by: Shelby Harrell Around noon Tuesday, a natural gas line was accidentally cut outside of Central Haywood High School in Clyde. All high school students and teachers were evacuated to a nearby gymnasium until the gas fumes cleared out.

Around noon Tuesday, May 13, school officials were notified regarding a gas line break near Central Haywood High School in Clyde.

Students and staff were evacuated to a gymnasium across the Pigeon River near the school.

"The town had a water leak and they were digging it up and just cut the natural gas line," said Johnny Glance, Haywood County Fire Marshal. "Natural gas is flammable so you need to shut down the air handlers and get people back. The benefit of natural gas is it goes up, so it dissipates pretty quick."

Multiple agencies including the fire department and gas company responded quickly to address the break. School officials sent a voice message to parents of the school. Students may be picked up at the old Clyde gymnasium or they may access normal bus transportation at the end of the day.

Students will return to the main campus when it is cleared and deemed safe.

The evacuation is only for Central Haywood High School and does not apply to any other schools.