Charleston author visits Bethel Middle School

By Emily Fama | Nov 22, 2013
Photo by: Emily Fama

“That was pretty awesome!” a student said as he left the library last Friday.

On Nov. 15, more than 130 students at Bethel Middle School had the opportunity to meet J.E. Thompson, the author of the adolescent novel, The Girl from Felony Bay.

Thompson is a well-known author who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, who was invited by Blue Ridge Books to visit Haywood County.  Not only did Thompson speak at the local bookstore, but he also spent the day visiting local schools and speaking with students about their writing and what it is like to have a career as an author.


Thompson started his visit to Bethel Middle by conducting a small group writing workshop.  This was a really relaxed setting where students had the chance to share their unique writing creations.  After conducting the small workshop, 130 students who had read the book congregated in the media center for hot chocolate and cookies and listen as Thompson shared his journey as a writer.


In his presentation, Thompson not only shared his success as a writer, but he frequently recalled times where his writing was rejected.  He talked about using those rejections as stepping stones to improve his writing.  He encouraged students to stay focused on their passions and interests so that when they experienced setbacks they would remember to use those situations to make them stronger and more motivated to get the result they were pursuing.


After speaking to students, the author spent time signing books, taking pictures, and speaking individually with students before he left.