Charter customers will need to upgrade

Aug 30, 2013


Beginning Oct. 1, Charter will begin removing the analog format of every channel from their lineup and delivering only high-quality digital signals to each television outlet in the home.

More than 90 percent of Charter’s customers are already using digital equipment from Charter.  However, for Charter’s other 10 percent of customers that still have analog only televisions and are viewing without a Charter issued set top box or a CableCard device connected to your television, you will need additional equipment in order to continue viewing your favorite programming.

Waynesville Town Manager Marcy Onieal urges Waynesville residents to contact Charter to ensure a smooth transition for non-digital households,

Charter is providing free digital equipment offers to customers for a specified period of time.  These offers will vary based on a customer’s current level of service.  Customers are being notified of these changes by first class mail as well as phone calls, telemarketing efforts and an informational website at

Assistance for Charter customers is available through Charter’s customer care group by calling 1-888-GET CHARTER (1-888-438-2427), or by visiting your local Charter office.