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By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Feb 09, 2012
Photo by: Animal Hospital of Waynesville Hard Day at Work

Animal Hospital of Waynesville — Hello my name is Carmela. I currently rule (live) at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville.  I was rescued by Dr. Hammett from the local shelter almost 2 years ago.  My life before was a hard one but now I have a life many would long for … including most people.

My job here is pretty simple: To train the staff….. except they don’t know that they are being trained.  I spend the majority of my day making rounds through the lab, treatment area and up-front. Most think I am just wandering around, maybe trying to score a treat or two, but I am actually checking to see how things are running. Of course all this management stuff wears me out, so the occasional “cat” nap is needed.

 I also consider myself the animal care manager. I like to make sure all pets are comfortable while here. This job requires me meeting new pets and sometimes I do this up front when they first come in. I like to perch myself on top of cat carriers so that I can have a better view and it allows for me to tell them what is happening around them. As far as dogs, I tend to make an effort to tell the bigger ones that just because I am a cat does not mean I am scared. I like to do so while being far enough away, like up on the counter and near one of my front staff ladies, in the case that they may find me irresistible (I mean who could blame them).

I wanted to write this blog so that I could let people see how my life is …. On the inside. I hope people follow me and my adventures.

Meow always,


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