Chestnut Ridge celebrates ground breaking

Oct 12, 2016
Photo by: Donated The Greggs, with their small children, break ground on the site of their future business, Chestnut Ridge, a timeless-style wedding venue in Canton.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the Haywood Chamber of Commerce celebrated a ground breaking ceremony with Preston and Taylor Gregg, officially launching construction on the family property that will soon be home to Chestnut Ridge, a timeless-style wedding venue in Canton.

The Greggs were the winners of the 2016 Business Start-Up Competition.

“The Chamber community was thrilled to celebrate this next step in Chestnut Ridge’s story,” said CeCe Hipps, Chamber president.

For the ground breaking, family, friends and community leaders gathered atop a knoll just off Turnpike Road.

“Today we can feel the love that so many will display here,” said Taylor. “We are fortunate to be surrounded by our gorgeous mountains and the rich legacy of home… and we’re so excited to share that with the world.”

The ground ceremony took place at the very site Preston and Taylor pledged their lives to one another in 2009.

The groundbreaking ceremony drew the support of local businesses, tourism agencies, and town and county leaders.

“Small businesses are not possible without a community of people coming together to make them work,” Preston said.

“We are forever indebted to those who dedicated their skills, vision, and dollars to this first step in our journey, who also stood alongside us as we broke ground,” Taylor added.