Chinese New Year – 2014 is the year of the horse

Jan 03, 2014
Photo by: Donated photo

The Chinese calendar is simply confirming the belief of STAR Ranch that this will be a great year for horses.  The Chinese New Year dates back thousands of years and is based on a blend of lunar and solar calendars.

Twelve animals revolve around the calendar, representing a cyclical notion of time as opposed to our linear one.  The Chinese New Year celebration is Jan. 31, specifically the first day of the first moon.

Western celebrations are based on the Gregorian calendar, but we have adopted a few of their traditions — such as setting off firecrackers and fireworks.  In addition, the Chinese also light torches and post the color red to ward off “Nien,” an evil beast.  Deceased ancestors are recognized on New Year’s Eve with a family dinner and a place set for them at the feast table.  The spirits of their ancestors, in concert with the spirits of the living, start the New Year.

In a public ceremony, it is called ‘wellu,’ which stands for family harmony, and respecting past and current generations.  The Chinese holiday is a combination of our Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day  all rolled into one.  It is a huge celebration worldwide for the Chinese.

“I’d like to think we can adapt a little more of their traditions this year and make it truly the year of the horse” said Karen Owens, president of STAR Ranch.

To find your animal sign, look up your birth year on the Chinese calendar.   To help make this the year of the horse for STAR horses, visit in person.  Call 400-4940 for an appointment.  Or visit  Follow local events on the STAR Ranch Facebook page.