Cleaning for Christmas

By Caroline Klapper | Dec 03, 2012
Photo by: File photo Santa looks tired of cleaning, too.

It’s December already and that means Christmas is just around the corner.

It also means I should decorate, which means I really should clean my house first…which means I’m not ready to decorate yet.

All weekend I’ve been dreading and complaining about needing to clean up before I can put up a tree and bring out the lights, and it’s true. My house isn’t super dirty, but I tend to let the clutter build up until it annoys me to the point that I will pick up and tidy everything away.

But when it comes to decorating for a holiday, that process is sped up a bit. I can’t really put out all my Christmas doodads and whatnots without picking up that stack of papers on the coffee table or putting away the toolbox that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter all week.

Things don’t really look very put together with candy wrappers littering the manger scene (I don’t actually have a manger scene, but you get the idea).

Plus, I really like decorating for the holidays. As a child, I was always my mom’s assistant decorator, and I was in charge of the dining room table centerpiece for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At Thanksgiving, I would bring out my collection of cornhusk dolls, colorful dried corncobs and fake fall leaves and create quite the tableau of a Thanksgiving meal in miniature. I was sure my dolls enjoyed it, too.

Christmas was always more sedate and traditional. I would decorate with holly from the huge bush in the back yard and add in fancy candlesticks with red and green candles.

At the center of the arrangement was a tiny Christmas tree decorated with the painted wooden ornaments from Germany given to my mom as a gift from my dad's family. Many of those ornaments have suffered from my attentions over the years and are a bit battered or broken (and glued back together) because of it, but nevertheless, it always looked wonderful to me.

So this week I’m dedicating myself to cleaning up and getting my own decorations out. Hopefully, when Santa comes by, he won’t leave me with a lump of coal for skipping out on my chores for so long.


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