Clyde Elementary gets a free snow day

By Shelby Harrell Staff Writer | Jan 18, 2014
Photo by: Shelby Harrell Clyde Elementary School fifth-grader Laura Hickox smiles after crashing her tube while fourth-grader Raven Guttery collects herself.

About 170 students from Clyde Elementary School were rewarded with a slippery day of snow tubing on Thursday afternoon.

The staff at Tony's Tube World invited all members of the the school's Capital Club members to enjoy a couple of hours of snow tubing for free.

With tobaggans flying off, snow tubes crashing into each other and plenty of snow to slide on, the field trip was a slick success.

Students Alex Swanger and Nicole Hexamer both described the event as "tubular."

"I got to skip a bunch of lessons,"  Swanger said with a big smile. "I liked going down on my stomach. It was fun — except for when I  hurt my face when I smashed into the other tube."

"I just loved watching people go down,"Hexamer said. "It's really fun when you go down and crash."

To be a part of the Capital Club, students must exemplify good behavior, a good work ethic and who have not had more than three tardies or check-outs from school in the past nine weeks.

Kyle Snowden, manager of Tony's Tube World, said the business was happy to let the students come enjoy the slopes for a couple of hours, even though business is is booming this time of year.

"We had an opportunity to be able to be able to give back to the community," Snowden said. "It's just a small token of our appreciation to the school. I'm glad they're able to enjoy themselves and have a break. They earned it."

Clyde Principal Clint Conner said the trip were good rewards for students, which keeps them on their best behavior.

"At Haywood County Schools, we push kids to perform really well, and this gives them an incentive to do better," Conner said while watching students in grades 2-5 zip down the slopes.


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