Did you know? You'll feel right at home at Copper Leaf Café

Coffee fit for the High Country

Sep 13, 2012
Photo by: Paul Viau IN THE ZONE — Coni Bishop knows how to make a style statement  — with good coffee and great food.

A few years ago, I wrote an educational trio of columns on coffee. It was in the dead of winter, and the extreme cold (which normally brings on hibernation) had forced me to stay awake any way I could.

Coffee (my morning drug of choice) fit the bill, and was an easy target for Internet research. (Thank you, Al Gore.)

I soon found out how very blessed we are here in Haywood County to have an abundance of quality roasters and toasters. From Brian at Panacea to Kevin at Smoky Mountain Roasters — and even my brother, Rob, who uses an old popcorn popper and a vacuum cleaner to capture the chaf.

Recently, the brisk and invigorating mountain mornings got my mind percolating about coffee again, and one of the my favorite coffee purveyors that had relocated even more conveniently for me — Copper Leaf Café.

The manager of Copper Leaf Café is none other than Coni Bishop. She and her sister, Mitzi, co-owned Waynesville’s Coffee Zone — the drive-thru window to java, right off Russ Avenue.

Sadly (for me), they closed a couple years ago, but Coni found a new opportunity with her friends at High Country Furniture and Design on Dellwood Road. In June of 2011 (happy belated anniversary) High Country converted its outdoor furniture and garden center into a garden café — Copper Leaf Café.

They kept the nice selection of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories (which add great charm — and are all for sale) and now serve up coffee desserts, and a nice lunch menu. Coni got the nod to manage “the more café than coffee shop,” and has done a beautiful job.

Copper Leaf Café is now open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday only.

I know, these are not the greatest coffee lover hours, but like Coni says, “This is much more than a coffee shop.”

Copper Leaf Café serves fresh Danish and scones, homemade daily. (The scones are the best I’ve had since my son, Nate, studied at Johnson and Wales.) To accompany your morning goodies, the café offers a house coffee, dark, decaf, flavored coffee and a signature latté.

You can also enjoy your coffee with a daily selection of homemade desserts — coconut layer cake, Kahlua bites, triple-chocolate later cake, coconut pie, etc. You can always find the current menu on Facebook — just search Copper Leaf Café Waynesville.

Did you know? — Coni’s mother, Deanie, who just celebrated her 75th birthday, still lends a loving hand at Copper Leaf Café three days a week.

For the lunch and late-lunch crowd, Copper Leaf Café offers a variety of homemade soups and sandwiches. The best-selling soup is my wife’s favorite — tomato basil. The best-selling sandwich is Deanie’s chicken salad, which is chock full of chicken, fresh apples, dried cranberries and pecans. I am personally a big fan of “The Gobbler” with sliced turkey, Swiss cheese, and raspberry jam.

Something new is Anne’s Attic — a section of consignment items (mostly furniture) in the back of the Café. Oh yes, and up front a well-dressed mannequin shows you what is fashionable at High Country Style on Main Street.

Yes, Copper Leaf Café is certainly coffee served with High Country flair. Check it out at 3232 Dellwood Road.