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Dreams do come true ... even for geeks
By Eric S. Brown | Dec 31, 2012
Courtesy of: Unstoppable Comics 'UNSTOPPABLE' BROWN — Local horror author and comic book connoisseur Eric S. Brown's career is reaching new heights thanks to "Storm Chasers" and Unstoppable Comics.

As most folks in Haywood County know, I have been a writer for many years. I started my career with short stories back in 2001. The first horror story I ever submitted was dually accepted by two publications, and I had the choice of which to allow to give it life in print. I quickly penned a second tale for the other market as well and the next thing I knew, I was a horror writer.

I had more than 10 more stories picked up by publications that year and more than 100 by the end of the next. I set about trying to make zombies cool again long before "28 Days Later" and books like "The Rising" breathed a whole new undead life into the sub-genre of the zombie apocalypse. By eight years into my career, I had become something of a name in the circles of zombie literature, if not a big one. Simon and Schuster swooped in out of the blue and cut a deal to reprint one of my books on the mass-market level. That book was a rewrite of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" that Coscom Entertainment had hired me to turn into a zombie book.

With the much wider and more mainstream distribution Simon and Schuster brought, I soon found myself moving up the career levels of the writing world.  I had grown bolder as a writer and done books like "Bigfoot War," a totally insane concept of the "Sasquatch apocalypse," set right here in Haywood County. "Bigfoot War" became for a time the highest-rated Bigfoot book on both Amazon and Amazon UK. Its success combined with my Simon and Schuster release catapulted me to a whole other level as a writer.

I soon found myself talking about a movie option with a studio for one of my books and hired to turn several existing films such as "Boggy Creek: The Legend is True" (Studio 3 Entertainment) and "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" (Great Lake Films) into books for them. Adapting screenplays was a wild experience and far from anything I had done to that point but through it all, I really only had one goal, the same goal I had in life since I was 4 years old.

In second grade, my class had a "career day." I showed up in a Green Lantern logo shirt and proudly announced that I was going to grow up to be a superhero like The Flash, Green Lantern or Doctor Fate. My teacher was utterly unimpressed and demanded I pick a real job.

I looked her in the eye and said, “Well, if I can't be a superhero, I am going write them someday.”

In December of 2012, I finally realized that dream. I sent my resume into Unstoppable Comics and believe it or not, they hired me on the spot. As of issue 10 in 2013, I will be taking over as the writer of the company's flagship, "Justice League"-style title "The Storm Chasers." I'll be telling the stories of such heroes as Phantom Hawk, Haymaker, Interceptor and so many more.

Thus I say to you, never give up on your dreams. No matter what anyone tells you, with enough hard work, determination and prayer, anything is possible.

By the way, did I mention I am going to be writing comic books?  Yeah, the super comic nerd of Haywood County now has his own title to pen and superheroes he can call his own. There are no words ...

Eric S. Brown is the author of numerous books, including the “Bigfoot War” series and “War of the Worlds Plus, Blood, Guts and Zombies.” He is a lifelong comic collector and fan. He will be writing this comic column occasionally for The Guide.

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