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The Throne of Atlantis
Feb 13, 2013
Courtesy of: DC Comics/DC Entertainment

DC Comics is kicking off 2013 with its first Justice League crossover event of the New 52 universe and it promises to be an epic one.

The event centers around the displaced king of Atlantis, Aquaman. Aquaman’s brother, the current ruler of the underwater civilization, is determined to conquer the surface world and eliminate the only threat to his throne in the process. The war between the surface world and Atlantis kicks off with a bang.

The army of Atlantis floods several surface cities in their opening attack as Superman and Wonder Woman are out for what could be considered their first date in Metropolis. Not even their combined efforts can save everyone from the crashing tidal waves so powerful they carry an aircraft carrier into the city’s streets as if it were a mere toy.

Meanwhile, Batman, Aquaman and Mera attempt to save all those they can in Gotham. As the death toll mounts, the League learns that Aquaman’s brother is behind the attack. In fact, he’s using the battle plans Aquaman himself developed during his reign as king. Aquaman is terrified for the surface world as he knows exactly how things will unfold. He pleads for a chance to bring his brother in peacefully.

Overruling the other members, Batman agrees to give him that chance. Aquaman fails to get his brother to see reason and the entire League shows up to put an end to his brother’s attack. Unexpectedly, Aquaman switches sides to defend his brother from the League. And all that is merely the beginning.

With surface world at war with the more technologically advanced and physically tougher people of Atlantis, Aquaman’s loyalty divided, and two of the United States’ largest cities threatened with being entirely sunken into the oceans, this event promises to shake up the New 52 as none before it have.

The event is a good move on DC’s part in my opinion as Aquaman is one of the best books to come out of its new line of comics so far. Mixing it with their flagship title can only promise great sales and a storyline that will thrill fans of the New 52. It’s likely that Black Manta will be involved in this event as well and it has already given Mera her first real appearance in the pages of the Justice League title.

The art of the beginning issues of the event is superbly well done and the writing top notch.  Any fan of Aquaman and the Justice League is sure to enjoy this event and should add it to their must read list immediately.