Commission for Clean County is sponsoring coloring book contest

Oct 02, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Dave Dudek presents a check for art supplies to Jenny Wood, cultural arts supervisor, Ron Moss, elementary schools supervisor and Dr. Anne Garrett, superintendent.

As an adjunct to its “Keep it Clean" anti-litter program, the Commission for a Clean County (CCC) is sponsoring a unique coloring book contest for all kindergarten and first graders in Haywood County’s nine elementary schools. There are almost 1,200 pupils enrolled in kindergarten and first grades.

CCC Treasurer Dave Dudek, a past president of Haywood Waterways, presented a check for more than $400 for art supplies for the contest to Haywood County School Superintendent Dr. Anne Garrett Thursday, Sept. 26.

The art teacher in each school will instruct the youngsters to draw a black-and-white picture that compliments the “Keep it Clean" theme of not littering. Each teacher will choose two pictures from the school to send to the CCC for the coloring book. One will be from a kindergarten pupil and the other from a first grader. The name of the artist and the school will be on each drawing.

The 18 pictures, plus a cover, will be assembled by CCC board members for the production of coloring books.

The CCC is an environmental cleanliness group devoted to promoting public awareness of the health, financial and aesthetic benefits of a clean and beautiful county. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization and is made up of volunteers.