Commission seeks 'Community Pride' nominations

By Joanna Swanson | Oct 20, 2013
Winners from the 2013 Community Pride event are shown above.

The “Community Pride” Awards” program of the Commission for a Clean County (CCC) honors businesses, schools, individuals, including both adults and children of school age, plus any community and civic group which made an outstanding commitment to a clean environment during the year.

The purpose of the organization is to help the county remain clean and healthy. Recognizing those who make a difference in the area is part of that mission.

Recognition awards are given in several categories: litter control, recycling efforts, beautification projects to enrich the county and forms of environmental stewardship, such as “green” building, use of non-toxic fuels and new technology which is non-polluting and can improve the environment.  The CCC is interested in recognizing those who make special efforts to clean the air and the earth.

Entry forms are available at the Waynesville and Canton library, town halls in Waynesville, Maggie Valley, Canton and Clyde or by calling Bill Skelton, Cooperative Extension Director, at 456-3575.

The entry deadline is Nov. 15. All nominees will be contacted by a CCC board member. Winners will be recognized at the swards luncheon, held on Feb. 26, 2014, at the Waynesville Inn, Golf Club and Spa.

The Commission For a Clean County, formed in 2001, was the first “land-based” environmental awareness group in Haywood County. (Haywood Waterways is the water-based group)

The mission of the CCC is to help raise awareness of the great advantages – financially, healthwise and aesthetically – of a clean county.