Cookbook captures best recipes from Beulah Baptist Church

By Vicki Hyatt | Aug 30, 2014
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt The Beulah Baptist Church cookbook committee included, from left, Rosemary Green, Joyce Arrington, Tava Taylor and Ellen Moore.

The Beulah Baptist Church in Canton has completed part one of a fundraising project, but the ultimate success depends on the second part — selling the 500 cookbooks a dedicated church committee has meticulously compiled.

A committee chaired by Tava Taylor, co-chaired by Joyce Arrington, and aided by Rosemary Green, Ellen Moore, Emily Holder and Anne Riddle, put together 1,111 recipes that represent the best dishes church members have enjoyed at potlucks and church picnics for years.

“Heavenly Delights” is divided into sections for easy reference, and includes not only old-time favorites, but innovative new dishes to delight the taste buds.

Taylor said the idea of putting together a cookbook first came to her in 2007. She mentioned the project to several others, who said putting together a cookbook had been attempted but never finished.

She tried to forget about the notion, but it idea persisted.

She finally approached the Rev. Barry Clark, who encouraged the idea.

Then the most difficult task became getting church members to submit their recipes.

“We put in a bulletin article, and at first people were excited, but we got very few recipes,” Taylor said.

“We had to set an absolute deadline before we got what we needed,” added Arrington.

Getting the details together required hours and hours of work — a task that was punctuated with many shared meals — home made, of course. It was a task Green said could only have been accomplished by someone with a Type A personality, a trait that suited Taylor to a “T.”

Recipes for freezing, canning and pickling can help revive the lost art of food preservation, while recipes for quick meals can meet needs of the working families. There’s even an cure-all magic syrup to help colds, coughs, sore throats, bronchitis, and even pneumonia.

“One lady who saw this said she wanted to cook everything in the book,” said Moore.

Heavenly Delights” is the first cookbook published by the Canton church. Cookbook committee members have plans to sell at festivals and other events this fall. Funds raised from the cookbook sales will be used to pave the church parking lot.

Each cookbook costs $25. To order, call Taylor at 627-1525 or Arrington at 550-4064.