County offices closed Thursday

Feb 12, 2014

All Haywood County government offices will be closed to the public on Thursday, Feb. 13. This applies to all Solid Waste facilities, including convenience centers, the Materials Recovery Facility and White Oak Landfill and all branches of the Haywood County Public Library.

All public safety departments, including emergency and law enforcement services, are continuing to function. Those with emergencies should call 9-1-1. . In addition, Adult and Child Protective Services remain on call at (828)452-6620 or by calling (828)452-6666 after hours.

An emergency shelter remains open to the public at the Department of Social Services, Health Department and Environmental Services building, located at 157 Paragon Parkway in Clyde.

The shelter will be available to anyone who loses power to their homes, people traveling through Haywood County, and others concerned about being stranded without access to services. Department of Social Services shelter response teams, working in conjunction with the American Red Cross, will coordinate activities at the shelter. The shelter will remain open as long as North Carolina remains as long as necessary.

Any further weather developments that affect county services will be released as necessary and posted on the county website,