Cow in a fix

By Sandra Hayes | May 19, 2014
Photo by: Dr. John Highsmith A roll down the hill ends badly for this Brown Swiss, but her misfortune was short-lived. Becky Highsmith and Zoey assess the situation before forming an action plan to extricate this cow from the fence in the pasture below the Highsmith's IronDuff home.

Interesting things to learn daily! In this case, it's that cows rock themselves forward and backward to get up.

Dallas, a young pedigreed  Brown Swiss, demonstrates the difficulty when Steadman, an amorous half-ton bull (closely attending at upper R) plies his troth on a slope. Yikes! 

Luckily these gentle cattle (owned by 4-H veteran Heath McGaha) were hand-fed as babies. We cradled and scratched Dallas' head, reassuring her that "help was on the way."

John pried the fence wire off two posts, we extracted her cloven hoof from the wire mesh and folded the fencing upwards. Dallas twirled herself like an oily sausage and got to her feet.

John pronounced it "another successful extraction."

This morning, she's munching grass like her yoga session was a distant memory. 

Farmer/columnist Kathy Nanney Ross noted that cows are not forward-thinkers. If they get stuck, they could simply give up and die in place. We are relieved Dallas' hide and showbiz career dreams were not cut to shreds by the barbed wire. 

I think there's a moral in here somewhere about boys and dating.