Cowboy and Kitty

By Sharon Baldwin | Sep 14, 2012

Well, folks! This is the last story I'll be posting for The Mountaineer, and I hope you enjoy..You can find me by visiting my website and popping me an email. Would love to hear from you! I am available if you need a consultation or further information.  Thank you so much to all of you that have dropped in and taken the time to read and learn a bit about "Talking with the Animals!"

On a bright summer morning a tiny, gray-stripped, short-haired kitty poked his head up through the loose hay in the corner rack of the palominos stall. “Boo,” he seemed to say. The startled horse pinned his ears and jumped back. “La, la,la,la,” the kitty smirked, “Gotcha.” The big horse said, “That darn cat!”

I have used this horse as an introduction to animal communication many times through the years. He was always humorous and you never knew what to expect. On that particular day, I asked Dorothy if she’d bring Cowboy down and as she approached with the big horse in hand, I saw a gleam in his huge, dark eyes. “Uh Oh,” I thought. “What’s he up to now?”

I’ve only known a few that were show offs like this one. He gently nuzzled me with his soft nose as his small companion brought him to a stop in front of me. “How are ya big guy?” I said aloud. Immediately, he threw the thought to me of this annoying little cat that bothered him all the time. I chuckled as he told me the latest in a seemingly endless succession of aggravating scenarios this little kitty greeted him with each day.

“Well Cowboy, it seems the little guy has taken a liking to ya,” I said laughingly. “Well, he needs to leave off and go bother someone else,” the horse said. I shared this information with the group since most of this exchange was carried out telepathically.

There were looks and smiles all round as each person assimilated what the horse had said. “So,” I asked the palomino, “What would you have me do with the kitty?” The normally superbly behaved, 16.2-hand quarter horse proceeded to drag his friend toward a wooden crate propped against the side of the office door. Dorothy’s whoas were totally disregarded as he nonchalantly walked away.

He turned his head, glancing at me and said, “I can handle this myself.” Low and behold there under the crate sat a small gray cat. “No Cowboy!” I said aloud. He stopped within inches of the kitty, stomped his foot and with a laugh in his voice said, “I’m just kidding.” “Whew,” I said, “You kinda scared me that time big boy.” I shared the rest of the story with the group and everyone hooted with laughter.

All our animal friends have different personalities, just like us. Sometimes, our personalities clash with a specific animal and if that happens, it’s not a bad thing if you find that animal a new home and find another critter that best suits you and your quirks. This horse and his person were so suited to each other it was a joy to watch the interaction between them. I did learn later the kitty did get the message and left Cowboy alone.