CrossFit gym offers new approach to fitness

By Caroline Klapper | May 20, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo The Yarringtons with daughters Isabelle, Hannah, Sophie, and Stella.

Dr. Eric Yarrington’s definition of fitness changed when he discovered CrossFit in 2009.

The CrossFit methodology was different from any workout or fitness plan he’d pursued before, and since then, he’s become a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer with CrossFit Mobility Certification. Now he and his wife, Shannon, who is also Level 1 Certified, have decided to open their own CrossFit 2311 gym in Waynesville.

“Our program is suited to everyone who wants to improve their general physical preparedness, the ability to effectively and efficiently hand the multitude of tasks, including the unknown and unknowable, which life may throw at them,” Yarrington described.

Yarrington said unlike other gyms where members pay a monthly fee for access to equipment or to take some classes, CrossFit training is entirely different.

“It’s constantly varied functional movements at high intensity,” Yarrington said. “This type of exercise usually yields the greatest fitness, and it can be scaled to fit anybody.”

“Functional movement” refers to exercises designed to emulate ways the body moves in everyday tasks. Instead of machines, CrossFit uses kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls, pull up bars and simply open space to push, pull, squat, lift, run, jump, climb and throw at high levels of intensity.

While this type of training might sound intimidating, Yarrington is quick to explain that any of the exercises can be scaled to fit “an individual’s physical and psychological tolerance.”

Someone new to CrossFit can do the same workout as a veteran by just changing the load and intensity, he said.

“Everybody exercises at the peak of their ability,” he said.

Trainers must be certified in CrossFit techniques, and in addition to this certification, both Yarringtons have experience in other areas of fitness.

Eric Yarrington has a bachelor of science degree in exercise and sport sciences, a master’s of physical therapy and he earned his doctor of physical therapy from Nova Southeastern University. He is a board certified orthopaedic clinical specialist and owns Yarrington Physical Therapy and Sports Care.

Shannon Yarrington is a former competitive gymnast and has a bachelor of science in psychology from Western Carolina University. She is particularly interested in bringing CrossFit Kids to CrossFit 2311.

“We know the benefits of this, and we know the results it can yield,” Yarrington said. “We are there to help perfect techniques, to help push you but also make sure you’re doing it safely and efficiently.”

The new gym’s name and tag line, “ante honorem humilitas,” comes from the Yarringtons Christian faith and is derived from the biblical verse Philippians 2:3-11. It means “humility before honor.”

“We feel that humility is a cardinal virtue and something that meshes with CrossFit,” Yarrington said.

The gym will also have an interactive website at, which is expected to be up by the end of May. Classes are set to begin June 3. For more information, contact Yarrington at

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