Daily Blessing Ministry expands in Waynesville

By Carol Viau | May 06, 2014
Photo by: Carol Viau photos STEPPING OUT IN FAITH  — Daily Blessing Faith Fellowship Healing Ministry senior pastor Barbara Miller conducts healing sessions, praise and worship services and classroom instruction. Pictured below is Miller reading scripture in the angel room, part of the ministry’s expanded space in Waynesville.

The Daily Blessing Ministry is expanding its outreach services. The healing and prayer ministry added a place of praise and worship and a classroom to its Felmet Street location, completely remodeling the space of a former tattoo parlor.

“We have totally transformed it into a very beautiful place for all to enjoy and be blessed by,” said senior pastor Barbara Miller.

The healing ministry has expanded its name, too.

“We have chosen the name Daily Blessing Faith Fellowship Healing Ministry — quite a mouth full, however this is what we are,” Miller said. “The focus remains healing for anyone who needs healing, whether physically or spiritually.”

The additional space is a place of peace and tranquility, tastefully appointed with many donated items including heirloom furniture, religious and symbolic décor pieces, chairs donated by Long’s Chapel and original art. Shirley and Deletta Salido have added artistic touches and have been “angels” Miller said. Other furniture was purchased at Haywood Christian Ministry and the Salvation Army. A professional painter donated his time to paint the new area.

The reception area in the new space is “the angel” room, featuring a waterfall, large angel statue and comfortable seating area.

The new praise and worship room will house non-denominational Sunday services and “old-fashioned prayer meetings” on Wednesdays.

“We are praying for all the people in Haywood County,” Miller said. “This is not like other churches — it’s an outreach of love. I believe this will reach many people who don’t go to a regular church.”

All are welcome at the Daily Blessing. Nice clothes or offerings are not required.

The classroom will be active with healing seminars, chaplaincy training and classes on subjects including gifts of the spirit and the power of blessing.

All of this takes people to help in the ministries. Daily Blessing has 14 deacons to help the pastor and keep up the church facilities, and three certified licensed chaplains, who minister in the outreach programs in Haywood County.

“We love Waynesville and the surrounding areas and want to be a place for people to come feel safe and receive all that the Lord has for them,” Miller said. “We welcome all to our ministry.”

The Daily Blessing Faith Fellowship Healing Ministry is a nonprofit organization and depends on donations and gifts to help the ministry remain open. Miller is praying someone will donate a pulpit for the praise and worship room and funds to put the ministry’s name on the outside window to make the ministry more visible to the public.

The Daily Blessing Ministry is at 32 Felmet St. in Waynesville (next to the Apple Crate Café). Miller serves as senior pastor and Eleonore Shelton is chaplain and assistant pastor. A grand opening for the praise and worship room and the new facility will be held in May.

To donate or for information on classes and healing sessions, follow the ministry on Facebook, call 242-7763 or email dailyblessingministries@yahoo.com.