DC vs. Marvel

By Eric S. Brown | Apr 24, 2013

I think at some point most comic book readers have had a discussion of whether their favorite hero could take someone else’s.

That kind of argument is part of the fun of comics for fans of all ages. There is a simple truth in the world of comics that even some of the most hardcore fans don’t fully realize. DC characters are fundamentally more powerful than Marvel characters.

When DC Comics started out they were all about the storylines and events of their world. They created almost god-like heroes with powers so great, especially in the case of Superman, that DC had to engineer weaknesses for them to even give their comics a sense of drama and danger.

Marvel Comics on the other hand when their company became a success in the 1960s swung the other way. Marvel created very down to Earth heroes who were far more human and relatable. The strongest mortal character of the Marvel Universe is the Hulk.

At the height of his anger, according to the old TSR role playing game based on the Marvel Universe and other sources, the Hulk can lift somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 tons. DC’s Superman can change the gravitational axis of planets through sheer brute strength. That alone should give any reader a clue to the vast power difference between DC and Marvel heroes.

In fact, Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, was as strong as Marvel’s Hulk even when she was only in her early teens. This difference in power levels goes far beyond merely strength though. Take Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. They are the two smartest mortals of Marvel’s Earth. Each of them is a super genius capable of creating tech centuries in advance of what the rest of their world is capable of.

Their DC counterpart, Brainiac 5, from the Legion of Superheroes, isn’t just a genius and the smartest mortal on the Legion’s Earth. His IQ is equal to that of the entire population of the Earth he lives on. Still another example is Quicksilver vs. The Flash. Quicksilver is Marvel’s primary speedster and yet he can’t even keep pace with Marvel’s own Silver Surfer who can travel at the speed of light or perhaps even beyond it. The light speed barrier is nothing to the Flash.

The Flash moves at near or beyond light speed daily. The Flash is so fast he defies physics as modern science understands it and can break the time barrier at a whim by pouring on the speed. Having a difficult time believing these facts? Check them yourself. The information is out there on the web, in the games based on the comics, and in the histories of the comics from both companies themselves.

The next time you hear someone arguing about Thor vs. Wonder Woman you’ll be in the “know.” She is stronger, faster, and can snap the thunder god in half like a twig. The mighty Galactus would be like a 2-year old taking on King Kong if he went up against the Spectre.

The only times DC and Marvel characters can enjoy a fair fight is when both of the characters are on the human level such as say Captain America vs. Batman. Of course, my money would still be on Batman. Why? Batman cheats. It’s part of who he is.

Bats will play any and every advantage if it means the difference between victory and defeat in a battle he feels he must win.  For better or worse in a Marvel vs. DC showdown, the Marvel heroes better run for their lives.