Death and Dying

By Sharon Baldwin | Sep 07, 2012
My boy, Mack the Malamute


A little voice told me to discuss how animals look at death and dying, and sense we just discussed Trusting our Instincts, I thought, “Okay, that’s probably a good idea.” It’s very hard for most of us to let go of a member of our family, and that’s exactly what we must do when their time comes to walk across the Rainbow Bridge. Releasing them from pain, infirmities, the misery of debilitating disease, or even the rigors of advanced years comes to us when our animal companions reach a certain point in their too-short lives.

They have become so enmeshed in our lives we can’t imagine being without them. They have given us unconditional love for as long as we’ve allowed them a place in our hearts. It amazes me; even animals that are abused most often show loyalty and love to their people. If that’s not unconditional, what is? Some humans could learn from the animals if they’d really take a look at themselves. Hmmm! Animals do not fear death or dying. They, like people, do not like to leave someone behind who may not be ready for them to leave. They will endure suffering as long as possible so their person can ready themselves for their passing. The biggest gift we can give our animals is to release them from their pain. I’ve lost many through the years and it’s never easy. However, if we can visualize them at their time of death crossing over a beautiful rainbow with young and precious minds and bodies to a realm where they can run free, it does seem to help. Once I got a call from a gal that was crying hysterically. Her small, aged dog would not quit moaning, yelping, crying and howling. He was in poor health and her veterinarian could do nothing more for the little creature. As a last resort, a friend gave her my number and she made the call. I connected with the little guy and he begged me to ask her to put him down. He had suffered enough. “It’s your choice, honey,” I said to her. “Only you can make the decision.” A week or so later I got a card in the mail from this woman thanking me for my help. She made her choice and called her vet. As soon as she put him in the car to go to the vets office, he quieted. The dog knew, and he was grateful. The woman recognized and accepted it was time. It’s your choice, folks! Don’t let them suffer!


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