Dental Awareness Month - At Home Dental Care Really is this Easy

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Jan 21, 2013
Courtesy of: Animal Hospital of Waynesville

91 Depot Street, Waynesville, NC 28786 — Good oral health is an essential part of a healthy, happy, long life. By sharing life and love with you, your pet has given you a precious gift. At times, aka the 5 am wake up call to go potty outside, we may wonder exactly how precious this gift truly is, but trust is a precious gift.

As pets get older, they, like people, need regular teeth cleaning and evaluation. Their health, just like ours, depends on it. Improper care of your pet's teeth can lead to any of the following: Heart disease, Mouth pain, Liver disease, Digestive disorders, Kidney disease, Eating disorders, Bad breath, and Loss of teeth to name a few.

In recognition of February's Dental Awarness Month, The Animal Hospital of Waynesville has launched a Dental Awareness Campaign (January 15th through March 15th). During the campaign clients may take advantage of 15% off dental cleaning and 15% off a full mouth digital x-ray.

During your pets visit the staff of the Animal Hospital of Waynesville will examine your pets teeth and gums to determine which stage the teeth and gums are in. X-rays will show the inside of the tooth and root, below the gumline allowing the veterinarian to asses the entire tooth. Pet parents will receive a dental portfolio that will include a copy of the x-rays, a dental report card, an assessment of the exam and a description of the dental cleaning. You will also receive a FREE follow-up dental recheck to ensure that everything looks great and a FREE Dental Goody Bag for you to take home just for your pet!

Call the Animal Hospital of Waynesville, (828) 456-9755 or visit for additional information or to book your pet's dental cleaning today. The Animal Hospital also has a wide array of dental cleaning products and treats perfect for assisting with your pet's at home dental care.

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