Deputy camps on rooftop for Special Olympics

By DeeAnna Haney | May 01, 2013

It was a chilly and rainy weekend, especially for one sheriff's deputy who camped on a rooftop to raise money for Special Olympics.

Deputy Daniel Blagg took on the cause because he felt there was a lack of interest in fundraising for the event. Over the weekend, Blagg collected about $10,000 in donations, which was double his original $5,000 goal.

He took to the roof of the old Belk building at 4 p.m. Friday and didn't come down until 4 p.m. Sunday.

After setting up his tent Friday evening, it wasn't long before the rain started falling.

"It never did quit raining. I got cold and wet and I still had difficulty staying dry even with the gear and all, I wasn’t prepared enough," he said.

Friends and passersby would send up food and warm drinks as he sat atop the roof decked out in rain gear awaiting donations.

People came at all hours to donate money as early as 5 a.m. and as late as midnight, honking their horn until they saw him, he said. And each time, he would leave the warmth of his tent to prove that he was in fact still camping on the roof.

Despite heavy rain on Saturday, several other officers and sheriff's office staff came to support Blagg by selling baked goods and t-shirts.

The rain didn't damper his enthusiasm for the cause, though.

"Personally, it made me realize what’s actually important in life and get my priorities straight," Blagg said.

There was even a family who stopped by with a Special Olympic athlete to show support and donate money.

“It was very touching and it was actually an honor to reflect on that while I was on top of the building. It was a great experience for me,” Blagg said.

He plans to make Cops on Top an annual event and perhaps even bigger and better next year. Blagg will be at the torch run kickoff of the Special Olympics Friday.

For those who still wish to donate to the cause, call Blagg at 828-356-2881.


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