Despicable Me 2 review

By Max Maier | Jul 06, 2013

I love Despicable Me. That movie was funny, innovative, had a great cast of characters and was beautifully animated. Despicable Me, in my opinion, is my example of a perfect kids movie. Even adults can enjoy Despicable Me. I am happy to say, that Despicable Me 2 follows this pattern with another great movie.


The first movie introduced us to Gru, a super villain who never got a big breakthrough that made him very successful. This mainly because Gru is not quite evil, he is just...well... despicable. Yet, you love him. Gru has some new competition from a new villain, and Gru must steal a shrink-ray to steal the moon. In order to do this, he adopts 3 little girls: Margo, Edith and Agnes, all sisters. Throughout the course of the movie, Gru stopped the new villain and grew to love his 3 daughters like any father would, and they grew to love him dearly. It was a very happy resolution to a very funny and entertaining movie.


In the sequel, Despicable Me 2, we find Gru, (voiced again by Steve Carell), happy with his daughters and living comfortably. When a mysterious spy, Lucy, (voiced by Kristen Wiig), kidnaps Gru to bring him on a secret mission on behalf of the anti-villain league. Gru must figure out the identity of the villain who has stolen a secret serum that will create monsters. Meanwhile, a mysterious presence is stealing Gru's little minion creatures. So, it is up to Gru and Lucy to save the world and stop evil once again.


The story is once again great. While adults and older kids will definitely figure out the plot, like the first movie, there are a couple of genuine surprises in this movie. They range from "I saw that coming" to "ok, I can believe that." Nothing shocking, put pleasant twists. The story is so great because its characters are great. The story is well told, very well paced and a lot of fun for kids and adults alike, There are some adult jokes in this movie, but nothing inappropriate for kids. They are like little nods to get laughs from the adults. There are a lot of laughs, and some decent action for a kids' film. And once again, the animation is beautiful. It is crisp and colorful, and very pleasing on the eyes.

As I mentioned, the characters are once again top notch. Carell as Gru is a very unique character who you love the entire time. He is funny, and a great father to his girls, yet every now again, you see is little evil moments that are funny to see. Gru is a great main character. Wiig is new to the series as Lucy, and she is adorably hilarious. She is very quirky and funny, exactly what you would expect from a Wiig performance. Her character is another example of a character you will grow to love. Margo, Agnes and Edith are once again fun to watch, but Edith takes a back seat again. Agnes is our tiny, adorable overly cute character who gets a few "awwwws" out of the audience. Margo is getting older and becoming interested in boys, and Gru's reactions are like a true father and again, funny to watch. I wish they gave Edith a little bit more depth other than the tomboy girl of the crew, but she isn't bad in any way. All 3 daughters are great, they are not in this movie AS much as the last film, but they are not the focus of the plot, so it is acceptable. The villain, who I dare not reveal, is pretty entertaining and funny. While he isn't as funny as Vector in the first movie, this villain is much more of a threat that Gru has to deal with. My only complaint about the film, is a minor knit-pick, but it's the villain's backstory. Yes, it is hysterical, but it is a little unbelievable and unexplained. But again, this is not a big problem by any means.

However, the stars of this movie and the best part about it, are the Minions. These characters were funny in the first movie, but they are a riot in the sequel. Their antics and non-understandable mumbling provide constant laughs, and now they are central to the plot! These little things had me laughing the entire movie. Nobody knows what these things are but it doesn't matter, they are the funniest part of this movie and they are funnier than most animated movies in recent memory. Their song parody in the film's finale had me laughing tears. I can't wait to see more of these little guys, because I can't get enough of their hilarious antics.


My only other complaint, is that I wanted more. That is a positive complaint. The film's ends on a tremendously happy note that will leave everybody in the theatre with a smile, but I wanted more. I wanted to see more of these characters, and what happens next. I hope Universal will give us a sequel, because these are some really funny movies.

So overall, I highly recommend Despicable Me 2, especially for kids. The movie is hilarious, colorful, funny and filled with great characters. It may not be perfect, but it is incredibly close. I know I'll be seeing many times again. I even put it on par with Star Trek Into Darkness. Despicable Me 2 is a fun summer movie to take your kids to, and even has enough to keep adults entertained.


I give Despicable Me 2, 5 minions out of 5