Dichotomy of Sport

A reflection of contrasting pastimes
By Aaron Mabry | Mar 01, 2012

On Wednesday, I wrote an article that related to the upcoming Pisgah vs. Tuscola alumni football game. And now that the roster has been set (see below) I’ve got a pretty good sense that this is actually going to come to fruition, giving the likes of washed up men (young and old) a much anticipated chance to prove themselves once again on the gridiron.  
However, all jests aside, it’s the kind of thing that’s been talked about for years, but seemingly always fell through the cracks. In gaining some historical reference, I’ve spoken with several alumni about past attempts and the same tale rang true for everyone. It always seemed like a great idea that simply never happened. But now, that’s all about to change.
With the addition of a third party, Gridiron Alumni, a California-based company whose sole mission is to organize and promote annual alumni games, it seems that for the first time former Pisgah and Tuscola alum will have the chance to throw on the pads at least one more time. And for some, it couldn’t have come too soon.
After all, many recreational sports such as running, cycling, basketball, soccer, etc., offer numerous outlets for lifelong playability. For those who enjoy the hardwood, it’s easy to ask around and find a league to play in or join in on a pickup game at the local fitness center. The same goes for soccer. And if your idea of staying in shape is a 15 mile bike or a 4 mile run, then all you need is the road in front of you and a little motivation.
But football is so different. With the exception of those who were gifted enough to play at the collegiate level, our final game of football was likely a playoff loss. And though we move on to bigger and brighter things, there’s a lot to be said for reminiscing about the game we loved so much; thinking back on the joy it brought and fond memories of real team camaraderie. And it’s for that reason that we look forward to sharing that again, albeit, for only one night.
So now I have to ask myself, how is a runner supposed to transform his body in only two months? Well, I don’t. And neither should anybody else for that matter. After all, what good is focusing on bulking up when our main priority should be insuring that we can make it through four quarters of play? For that reason, I’m setting my focus on physical conditioning that incorporates explosive, fast twitch movements and speed intervals. These types of workouts also burn fat at an exponentially faster rate than slower, repetitive exercises.
So if you plan on playing football on May 5, while the weight room is great, it’s not going to benefit you all that much when you’re sucking wind from the sideline. Focus on conditioning first.

Pisgah High School Alumni Roster: Kalam Fortney, Aaron Hendrix, Jake Savage, Andy Long, Paul Jones, Luke Coleman, Andrew Dalton, Scott Moore, Hutch Reece, Mark Hyman, Parker Dalton, Michael Mathis, Jordan Baxley, Heath Parton, Zach Dalton, Jordan Blazer, Seth Ammons, Joey Eggleston, Jordan Dalton, Kyle Henson, Butch Bridges, James Browning, Gage Norris, Dicky King, Adam Bridges, Shawn Watts, Craig Surrett, Cal Messer, Cheyenne Keener, Derek Lawrence, Jacob Morgan, Daniel Edwards, Zach Lancaster, Josh Deaver, Dillon Harris, Jim Mathis, Levi Browning, Shayne King, Aaron Mabry, Greg Parks, Will Warren, Travis Smalling, Terry Littrell, Jody Mathis, Jacob Hannah, Bentley Rogers, Tyler Moody, Donnie  Buchanan, Cody Savage, Dayne  Shuler