Dirt Roads

By Cliff Hannah | Apr 24, 2013

Learn most of the things you need in life

how to deal with all aspects of strife

Walking up dirt roads...

How to catch a baseball... and how to hurl

to protect your eyes during a wind whirl

All the different ways to kiss your girl

walking up dirt roads...

To repair your wagon using only a nail

fetch water from the spring in a pail

How to carry a 'possum by the tip of the tail

walking up dirt roads...

Follow an old hen until you find her nest

large yellow apples are always the best

not to worry before a big spelling test

walking up dirt roads...

To catch fireflies in summer...then let them go

how to make a bandage when you stub your tow

chop weeds in the garden with your very own hoe

walking up dirt roads...

Lead the horse to water...to oats in the stall

rake the leaves when the season turns fall

copy the bobwhite's late evening call

walking up dirt roads...

To share your jelly sandwich with your pet

catch minnows using burlap for a net

Climb the tallest oak just to win a bet

walking up dirt roads...

Save your change earned by cutting grass

use a spring lizard to catch a bass

feel your mouth tingle from chewing sassafras

walking up dirt roads

Hold a Crawler in hand to watch it wiggle

tease the girls just to hear them giggle

ride a bike fast to feel it jiggle

Walking up dirt roads... up dirt roads.

Help grandma make baskets from white oak splits

peel apples and chop them into little bits

Watch grandpa grind corn til it turned to grits

Walking up dirt roads...

Just wish you knew how to drive a car

Fall in love... but do that from afar

How to seal all your daydreams in a jar

Walking up dirt roads...up dirt roads.

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