Do-it-yourself pet wash opens in Waynesville

Aug 28, 2013

Locally owned Happy Hound grooming salon has relocated, allowing for expansion of its’ services. Two do-it-yourself pet washing stations are now available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

Tired of leaning over your bathtub when washing your pet? Not fond of cleaning up the mess afterwards? The do-it yourself option is designed to make the bathing experience easier.

Fees are based on your pet’s weight, and include up to one hour use of a tub station. A bathing apron, towel, shampoo of your choice, various tools, table, dryer and a free treat are included.

Happy Hound also provides professional grooming in a clean, safe and loving environment. The salon strives to make your best friend’s grooming experience as pleasant as possible. Happy Hound is located at 59 Branner Avenue in Waynesville.

For professional grooming appointments or questions, call Jo Hammett at 774-2779 or George Ricci at 283-1338.