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Do we really need the World Baseball Classic?

By Wesley Woodbery | Apr 16, 2017
Photo by: File Team USA raises the World Baseball Classic trophy.

Attention to all daily fantasy baseball players, the Carolina Godfather (Chuck Fiebernitz) has returned to normalcy as Miggy Cabrera finally got his first hit of the 2017 season.
Thank goodness he did, we were concern the Godfather was going to blow a gasket.
However, the trends that the Godfather and Moose (Mike Munoz) predicted have become true. The Kings of Fantasy’s top two baseball analysts have noted the batting stats of position players who played in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) are well below what’s on the back of their baseball cards.
My personal view on this is I do not like major leaguers playing in the World Baseball Classic. I think it is too big of a change and honestly a big drop off in the playing quality.
For Moose and the Carolina Godfather, they are flexible when it comes to the WBC.
They believe some players can handle the change from spring training preparation very well and others have a more difficult time adjusting back to the routine of spring training.
The idea behind the WBC is to have the best players in the world playing against each other. But the reality is the best players play for one of the 30 teams in the Major Leagues and not in the WBC.
Obviously, there is a drop off in talent in the  WBC and one has to wonder is it beneficial for a Major League player to play in the WBC.
Moose and the Carolina Godfather like the WBC and wish more of the best MLB players played for Team USA or their native country’s team.
“Instead of players like Giancarlo Stanton teeing off on some poor rookie arm that is just trying to make the roster in a spring training game, we can watch for two weeks the best play the best,” said Munoz.
In spring training games, players play for three to four innings, pack their bag up and call it a day.
In the WBC, the players are trying to win the championship for their home country and playing a full nine inning game.
Through the first two weeks of the season, however, our research is showing there are some players, who played in the WBC, struggling in the early stages of the MLB season.
Chicago White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana was solid on the mound in the WBC but has had a horrible start to the 2017 season. The lefty is 0-2 with a 6.17 ERA.
Other players such as Colorado’s Nolan Arenado have flourished early on in the MLB season but struggled in the WBC. The Rockies’ slugger is hitting .313 with four home runs and six RBI.
However, the WBC isn’t every year and the bottom line is there is a ton of data and stats to analyze every  of the baseball season.
All of us at the Kings of Fantasy are staying on top of things so that we can provide quality information for your successful daily fantasy lineups.