Do you know how to get to My 95?

By Jeff Schumacher | Sep 25, 2012

Everyone has heard of I-95 or some major highway linking him or her from one city to another. But, how many people know where MY 95 is?


My 95 is this road, if you will, that links the the portion of your life that you live outside the walls of a church, or your given place to worship, to your everyday activities. It doesn’t necessarily come down to the building, but rather the time we spend in our daily lives not worshiping God in an organized fashion. It’s, of course just an estimate, but as Pastor Chuck Wilson says, “It’s probably more like 98 percent of the time, but My 95 sounded better.”


It’s a great question and one that I think is lacking in today’s society. Why is it that we all believe that freedom of speech is so important to our rights, but we are unwilling, as a nation, to protect the Ten Commandments in our public facilities?


Great question. Another part of what we do when we lose track of My 95.


Now, My 95 is certainly not a true highway in the sense that you can drive a car on it, but it most definitely is a highway that you can follow straight to the glory of God and his eternal love for all of us.


In The Mountaineer, we recently ran a couple of articles about people in our community who give selflessly of their time and energy to help those with addictions. Many of those people have never had this problem, but they understand that their “95” can help heal the soul of another. That the “95” they live can make a big difference in the salvation of others among us.


I was discussing my accident with some colleagues recently, and the issue came up regarding emotions I had during and after. Unless I really think about it, it never really hits me the amount of emotions that I went through, or ones I go through each day. But, when they asked, this whole cadre of emotional highs and lows that I experienced just came flowing out of my mouth.


I told them of my fear at first; then came the calm of knowing I wasn’t in control of my destiny; of my hearing all the commotion the trauma team was making on my behalf; and finally the elation I felt when I was able to consciously know that God had saved my life for some special reason.


But, it didn’t stop there. I explained that I still have conflicting emotions. Like, “why did this happen?” And, “What does it mean that I am still here?”


I don’t think Dr. Chuck Wilson was directing his message directly at me, but it sure hit home. Because, you see, I realized that I wasn’t spending enough time on My 95. Now, believe me when I say that I have always tried to be a good person and do the right thing. But it’s hard. This world we live in can give you the ammo to justify why you can’t deal with the “95” in the proper manner. I now we can certainly justify it in our mind. Either we’re too busy working or dealing with our family, or we have events or meetings to attend. It seems daunting to fit any more into that time frame that is known as My 95.


Then it dawned on me that he wasn’t saying that we spend ALL of our time focusing on the “95”, but rather be aware that we SHOULD be trying to spend AS MUCH TIME as we can working for the glory of God.


I don’t know about you, but that makes a lot of sense. If we could all spend another portion of our “95” looking for ways to bring glory to God, or make an impact in someone’s life so they see the glory as well, then the tide will begin to turn.


We’ve already lost some pretty significant political battles as they relate to religion in our society. I for one am not going to lose this one. This is one I control. It’s one that I can choose to do. It doesn’t need anyone’s approval, nor does it have to pass committee. It’s as simple as taking the right exit to get onto My 95.


I am hopeful many of you will join me. Because, there is definitely room for everyone on this road.