Do You Suffer From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

By Dr. Craig Gibson @ Haywood Chiropractic Center | Sep 25, 2011

"GREAT NEWS!!!...Research Proves The Tingling,Numbness,Weakness & Pain Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome May Have Nothing To Do With Your Wrist!... and why having surgery may be a crippling mistake!!!"        Waynesville,NC.  -Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) may be one of the most misunderstood,misdiagnosed and mistreated condition in modern medicine.  .CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME AFFECTS OVER 8MILLION AMERICANS  .ONLY 25% OF ALL CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME PATIENTS WERE ABLE TO RETURN TO THEIR PREVIOUS PROFESSIONS FOLLOWING SURGERY  .SURGERY FOR CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME IS THE SECOND MOST COMMON TYPE OF SURGERY,WITH WELL OVER 230,000 PROCEDURES PERFORMED ANNUALLY. "so,What Other Options Do You Have?"   There is another condition that causes the exact same symptoms as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that has little or nothing to do with the wrist!   This condition is called DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME and here's hoe it works:There are many sites that can compress a nerve as it goes from your brain and spinal cord to your wrist. Simply put,Double Crush Syndrome occurs when you have multiple compression sites.  Since the neck is the most common site for a Double Crush Syndrome to occur, a consultation with a cervical spine specialist,Haywood Chiropractic,would be in your best interest.Only by identifying the true cause can your Doctor accurately treat and relieve your condition.That is why at this time we are offering as a community service for our New Patients a CARPAL TUNNEL EVALUATION.This includes a Consultation,Exam and any Necessary X-Rays along with a Report of Findings for $20.00  Call Dr Gibson at Haywood Chiropractic TODAY  456-5700.To see if you may be a canidate for this revolutionary New Care.

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