'Donkey Day Afternoon' — A STAR Ranch update

Apr 21, 2014
Photo by: Donated GETTING A PEDICURE — Brett Moore, ferrier, tended to the donkeys' hoof needs.

Three Jennys and two Jacks had their hooves trimmed last week at STAR Ranch, thus beginning their road to recovery that started a few weeks ago when all five donkeys were picked up in the Fines Creek area. STAR Ranch wishes to thanks the concerned neighbors who first called animal control and then STAR Ranch.

Brett Moore, farrier, spent over three hours working on them, said

“It would take three to four years for hooves to become this grown out,” said Moore. “Their hooves will need more trimmings over the next few months, but today was a good start.”

Another issue all the donkeys now face is for their stretched tendons and ligaments to draw back up into a normal position.  The length of their hooves caused all the donkeys to walk far back on their heels, thus stretching out their leg muscles, tendons and ligaments.

“It will take time for all of the corrections to happen,” said Karen Owens, president of STAR Ranch.  “But thank goodness they are finally heading in the right direction.”

Veterinarian Ted Wright administered all their vaccinations, checked their teeth and body conditions and reported that ‘most likely’ all three Jennys are pregnant.

“Jackson has been a busy boy,” said Mike Rodriguez, who helped hold the sedated donkeys.  Jackson, who is 6-years old, survived his gelding and “is done making babies,” Rodriguez added.

The Facebook contest winner for naming the baby donkey goes to Jennifer Smith Carter for “JJ” — Jackson Jr.

“He looks so much like his Daddy; it’s the perfect name,” said Kim, a STAR volunteer and groomer of Jackson.  Twenty-seven names were suggested for the baby donkey, who is now over a year old.

To visit the donkeys in person or for information on the horse parade Saturday, April 26, call 400-4940.  To donate, visit www.star-ranch-rescue.com.


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