Donkeys come to STAR Ranch

Mar 26, 2014
Photo by: Karen Owens NEGLECTED DONKEYS — The donkeys arrived at STAR Ranch this week with some of the worst looking feet the ranch had seen in a long time.

Animal Control received a phone call this weekend from concerned neighbors in the Fines Creek area.  They had seen five donkeys wandering for months in their neighborhood.  Their owner moved away and it became evident he wasn’t coming back.  The animal control officer taking the report suggested they call STAR Ranch. Karen Owens, president of STAR, was out the next day checking the situation.  One Jack, two Jennies — both probably pregnant — and one Jenny and her baby were grazing in various yards, able to walk through their old fencing.  The generosity of the neighbors involved in helping the donkeys, including 100 bales of hay, allowed STAR to move quickly to plan the removal of all five neglected donkeys.

“These are the first donkeys to come to the ranch,” said Owens.  “They will receive the help they need, starting with their hooves.”

STAR helps all hoofed animals, mostly horses, a few goats and now, donkeys.  To visit, sponsor, adopt or support, call 400-4940.  Visit for more information on STAR Ranch.