Don't disregard school bus stop arms

Oct 19, 2013

In North Carolina more than 14,000 school buses travel highways daily transporting children to and from school.  Most motorists that meet school buses stop as required by North Carolina law.  However; on an average school day in North Carolina nearly 2,300 motorists disregard school bus stop arms.

In an effort to promote traffic safety around North Carolina schools, school buses and school bus stops, the Highway Patrol will conduct Operation Stop Arm the week of  October 21-25. 

Each Troop Commander will ensure that troopers are designated in each district across the state to participate by patrolling school zones and conduct “Follow-A-School Bus” activities.  This program has been implemented before and has been very successful.

This will be a five day project only during which time officers will be aggressively enforcing violations of G. S. 20-217(a) Passing a Stopped School Bus While the Bus Was Displaying its Mechanical Stop, Signal or Flashing Red Stoplights and Is Stopped for the Purpose of Receiving or Discharging Passengers and all traffic around schools in their districts.

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