Don't Let Parkinson's Disease Hold You Back

By Mountaineer Complete Care | May 14, 2014
Source: Mens Health

Staying independent and safe is all part of understanding Parkinson's Disease



  • Keep your home free of clutter and secure scatter rugs.
  • Install railing along the walls to assist with balance and decrease the chance

of falling.


  • Install night lights in frequently used rooms and hallways.
  • Consider bells or intercoms to ensure safety, in preparation of an



  • Install grab bars in the bathroom. Never use towel racks or soap holders as

grab bars.


  • Long handled sponge eliminates bending and decreases risks of falls.
  • Consider Velcro closures for clothing and shoes for easier manipulation.
  • Long handled shoe horns reduce the need to bend and possibly lose your


(Clapcich, Goldberg, Walsh, 1999)


Parkinson's Disease doesn't mean you have to stop living, it just means you have to start living smarter; because Parkinson's is not age or gender specific.

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Jodie Wood/General Manager