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Down Syndrome doesn’t have to lead to obesity

By John Taylor | Apr 16, 2013
Photo by: File John Taylor

According to a study published in the “Journal of Intellectual Disability Research,” 96 percent of adult women with Down Syndrome are obese.
Researchers stated this occurs because the thyroid in people with Down Syndrome causes a lower metabolic rate, thus influencing weight gain. This lower metabolic rate means that people with Down syndrome burn fewer calories overall compared to a typical adults, and need to need to exercise more to burn off the same number of calories.
But Brianna Carrey of Colorado refuses to become part of that unhealthy trend.
Carrey, 24, weighed 227 pounds more than a year ago, but then made a goal to lose 50 pounds so she could model in the Global Down Syndrome Fashion Show.Roberta With the help of a trainer, Carrey no longer takes five minutes to cross a street and isn’t tired after being on the treadmill for one minute. As a result, Carrey has actually lost 77 pounds, 27 more than her original goal.
Carrey now walks on the treadmill for 20 minutes twice a day with the goal of losing 10 more pounds. If she does, The Macdonald Family Foundation has offered Carrey a trip to Disneyland.
Carrey and her trainer have also designed a pendant that they sell to raise funds to pay other obese adults with Down syndrome to receive personal training.
This is they type of self-driven weight loss success I love hearing about. Like many of my weight loss campers, Carrey was ready for a change, sought the help she needed to lose weight, and stuck with her new healthy lifestyle.
Though I think Carrey would have had fun at my weight loss camp, I really do commend her for the hard work, and think she’ll look great at her fashion show.

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