Dropbox delivers your files where ever you may be.

By Gary Arrington | Dec 19, 2012
Source: www.dropbox.com

Many of us find ourselves using multiple desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones throughout the day. Maybe you have a work computer, a home computer, and a smart phone. You're working on a document at home tonight that you'll need at the office tomorrow. You could copy it to a flash drive, or email it to yourself. But a free application called Dropbox can provide you with your most current file where ever you may be...even if all you have with you is your smart phone.

Likewise, you can snap a photo with your phone, move it to your Dropbox, and it will be available on any device on which you have installed Dropbox.

To get started, just go to www.dropbox.com and download a small software program. You'll need to create a free account as you do so. When you finish, you'll have a new "Dropbox" folder under "My Documents" on your computer.

Go ahead and move a few photos and/or documents into this new Dropbox folder. You can create as many sub folders as you want.

Now go to  your other computers, tablets, laptops, or smartphones and download Dropbox. Don't create a new account, just sign in to the same one you created a moment ago.

In just a few moments, you should be able to see all your Dropbox files on any of your devices! If you update a file from your tablet, the new updated version is available on all your other devices.

If you're away from home and using someone else's computer who doesn't have Dropbox installed, you can just go to www.dropbox.com and login to your account. You'll be able to access all your files right there, from anywhere in the world.

Even if your computer crashes, all your files are safe, because they're stored on the Dropbox servers, not on your computer's hard drive. This is also known as "cloud storage", referring to the internet as the "cloud".

Dropbox is especially useful for travelers. Before leaving home, copy any confirmation emails and itineraries to your Dropbox. Copy city maps, places to see, or other travel documents to Dropbox. Then use your smart phone at the airport, hotel, car rental company, etc. to access the documents you need.

You can store up to 2GB of material on Dropbox for free. There are several other ways of gaining more storage space for free, such as referring a friend to Dropbox (500MB for each referral). Of course, you can also buy more space, as well.

If you need access to your files at multiple locations, you should try Dropbox!