Drugs are not worth your life

Help is available for youthful drug abusers
Jun 11, 2013

Parents should make sure their teenagers read the June 7 front-page story about Tyler Treadway and the one night that would change his and his family’s lives forever.

Tyler had just graduated high school and was partying with friends one night. That night he ingested a lethal does of narcotic painkillers that sent him into a coma. The oxygen deprivation caused severe brain damage.

If Tyler’s story doesn’t convince teens to stay away from prescription pills, we don’t know what would. One bad decision has taken away his chance to live the life he wanted. He is now dependent on his mother for everything — he can’t walk or talk or eat on his own.

While Tyler can’t go back and undo that decision, it is good to know that there is some help in Haywood County for teens that are addicted to prescription medications and other drugs. Aspire Youth and Family Services in Clyde offers counseling services for teens 12 to 24. The program is offered after school hours and is covered by most insurance policies.

As the director of Aspire pointed out, addiction often starts with teens taking a couple of pills for recreation. Prescription pills are one of the easiest drugs for teens to get a hold of and they can be the most addicting. Parents should be mindful of where they store their prescriptions. They should inform themselves about the dangers associated with overdosing on over-the-counter drugs like Mucinex or NyQuil.

Aspire can teach teens to recognize their problem, understand the dangers of drugs and how to deal with their emotions without turning to drugs. The 90-day program has had a fairly high success rate.

We encourage families to be aware of these issues and talk to your children about the dangers of drugs. If your child is living with addiction, let them know it isn’t too late to change course. They can take the help. They can make better decisions. Drugs are not worth the risk of ruining your life or having your quality of life ripped away from you.